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Crafting a fair Child Custody Agreement In Pakistan: A Guide for Parents

child custody agreement in Pakistan

The child custody agreement in Pakistan is for custody of minor children which is one of the main issues that arise from separation or divorce. When parents separate or divorce, they usually agree to one of two things: either one parent will give the other parent custody of the child, or, in some cases, with mutual consent, both parents will share custody.

In this blog we will discuse about factors of child custody agreement, purpose of child custody agreement, online child custody agreement, and how child custody lawyer in Pakistan can help you.

child custody agreement in Pakistan
child custody agreement in Pakistan

Child Custody Agreement After divorce in Pakistan

However, since this arrangement is only verbal and no written contract is signed, one parent can gain advantage over the other by snatching the child at a later date if there is no child custody agreement in Pakistan. Additionally, it is frequently observed that one parent will take their child to an uncharted location or go abroad with them without the other parent’s knowledge or permission.

To protect and safeguard the interests of parents who can obtain or maintain custody of a minor following a separation or divorce, child custody agreements are crucial. It is crucial for parenting after divorce as well.

Factors of child Custody Agreement in Pakistan

For all future uses and references, it is highly recommended to enter into a written agreement upon separation or divorce. For the purposes of the child custody agreement, some of the factors of child custody agreement in Pakistan are as follows

  • Where one parent has consented to give the other parent custody of the child, who is to keep custody of the child?
  • The district where the child will live with the custodial parent.
  • Whether the custodial parent can transport the child outside of the country or the district without the non-custodial parent’s consent.
  • Whether the non-custodial parent has any rights if visitation is granted. If so, it needs to be specific.
  • Is there a set amount of maintenance for the child that the non-custodial parent (father) must pay each month?
  • Is maintenance payable in a bank account if the non-custodial parent (father) agrees to pay it? Give specifics
  • Are the custodial parent(s) or both responsible for making decisions about the minor’s education, health, and religion? Also to be provided are the consequences of default.
factors for child custody agreement in Pakistan
Crafting a fair Child Custody Agreement In Pakistan: A Guide for Parents

Purpose of Child Custody Agreement

The Child Custody Agreement needs to be updated to reflect the minor’s changing needs. The majority of the time, child custody agreements are drafted only with consideration for the minor’s current situation, which will have a negative impact on the minor in the future.

The main priority is to protect the interests of the parents, which makes the Child Custody Agreement ineffective before the Court at this late stage because it does not demonstrate the best welfare of the minor and is therefore deemed void or superfluous.

Online child Custody Agreement

If you are an overseas Pakistani and want to craft a child custody agreement in Pakistan, you are at right place. We will help you to do this on your behalf. You can provide us the details and we will work for you to settle an agreement between both parent even if one of you is not in Pakistan. Feel free to Contact us.

Child Custody Lawyer in Pakistan

The Child Custody Agreement’s terms and conditions differ from case to case. After carefully examining the facts of each case, the experienced child custody lawyer at Sharif Law Associates lead by RANA NAVEED SHARIF ADVOCATE draft the best Child Custody Agreement to protect the interests of the minor. Please feel free to reach out to us for advice.

child custody lawyer in Pakistan
Child custody lawyer in Pakistan

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