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Rhyme and Law: A Legal Mashup

Keywords Links
are tiny houses legal in nsw Are Tiny Houses Legal in NSW?
does india have youth mobility agreement with canada India-Canada Youth Mobility Agreement
features of trims agreement Features of TRIMS Agreement
ontario tree encroachment law Ontario Tree Encroachment Law
oil and gas legal jobs dubai Oil and Gas Legal Jobs Dubai
balance vs statement balance Balance vs Statement Balance
how to add page on facebook for business How to Add a Facebook Business Page
the law of gravitation is The Law of Gravitation
how much alcohol can you legally drink and drive Legal BAC Limits
conduct meaning in law Conduct Meaning in Law

Yo, yo, let’s talk about the law, not the one that you saw
On TV, but the real deal, the one that’s for real
Like, are tiny houses legal in NSW? Can you really live small, obey the law with no mess?
Or how ’bout India’s youth mobility with Canada? Can they freely go and wander
And work to earn their bread, or will they be in legal wonder?
TRIMS agreement is another thing, trading rights and IP
How to make it work, so both sides can be free?
And in Ontario, tree law can be such a pain
What’s legal and what’s not, can drive a person insane
Oil and gas jobs in Dubai, now that sounds quite fancy
Legal opportunities in energy, for those who are keen and dancy
Balance and statement, they sound alike but they ain’t
One’s for the books, the other’s more like a saint
And how to add a Facebook page for business, that’s a skill
But follow the rules, or else you’ll be in for a legal spill
And the law of gravitation, it’s not just for science class
It’s out there in the universe, working with mass
Legal BAC limits, when you’re about to drive
Know your zone, or you’ll end up in a legal dive
Finally, conduct in law, it’s a whole different game
Know your actions well, to avoid legal shame

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