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Legal Loops and Alley Oops

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips
Gonna drop some knowledge, gonna let it rip
First off, we talkin’ ’bout vyos firewall rules
Gotta set ’em up tight, don’t be no fools

Next on the list, it’s the kendall law group
Need some legal help, they’ll get you through the loop
Then comes the payment schedule agreement
Gotta make sure it’s legit, can’t be no arrangement vague-ment

Now let’s chat ’bout how to write an as is contract
Gotta cover all bases, don’t show no neglect
If you see an illegal business in NJ
Here’s how to report, don’t let ’em get away

If you’re in Glasgow, check out the legal traineeship
They’ll teach you the ropes, don’t be no legal sheep
And for those pondering, legal separation online
Got everything you need to know, don’t be no whine

Now let’s talk about noun-pronoun agreement examples
Grammar gotta be right, don’t wanna sound deranged
And for the law students out there, law student cover letters
Gotta impress ’em all, don’t wanna be no fretters

Lastly, wonderin’ if ride safer vest legal
Expert legal analysis’ll tell you what’s up, don’t be no legal vessel

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