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Documents Attestation

Authentication would be referred as the procedure of verification as to official nature of a document or certificate. Authentication of a document ensures acceptance at its face value on a foreign land. On the other hand, confirmation of the genuineness of a seal or stamp or signature on a document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is regarded as legalisation. The legalisation process also validates the capacity in which the signatory entity has signed the document. Furthermore, attestation is the process of providing a witness to a signature on a document by another signature to verify the document has been duly signed by the entities bound by the document’s contents.

ZA-LLP provides professional attestation and legalisation services in Pakistan, since we have our branches in all major cities throughout the country. We provide professional document authentication, attestation and legalisation services. Our legalisation services help our clients in obtaining an apostille or an embassy legalisation for their documents covering more than 100 jurisdictions across the globe. An apostille, attestation or embassy legalisation certifies the authenticity of documents issued in one country, before they can be accepted by government and overseas corporate establishments. We provide finest document legalisation services as well as the procurment of civil and commercial documents like police clearance certificate, single status certificate, duplicate degree certificate, marriage certificate from concerned authorties. We provide complete assistance to attest your documents quickly with affordable cost.

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