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How to Secure Import Export license in Pakistan

Import Export license in Pakistan

Getting Import Export license in Pakistan is now easy. Our law firm do it on your behalf without wasting your time and money in formalities. In this blog you will know about import export license requirements in Pakistan, import export license procedure in Pakistan, and how a best corporate law firm in Pakistan helps you to do this online.

How to Secure Import Export license in Pakistan

Due to the need for the nation to strengthen its economy, the Pakistani government has introduced the Pakistan Single Window Act 2021 to encourage people to engage in import and export business. The goal of this law is to make it easier for people and organizations involved in trade and transportation to submit import export license requirements Pakistan, through a single entry point to satisfy regulatory requirements for import, export, and transit in Pakistan without having to submit the same information more than once.

By introducing Pakistan Single Window, the most convenient and time-efficient process for registering import-export licenses has been made available.

Import Export License Requirements Pakistan

The following documents must be submitted in order to process registration on Pakistan Single Window:

In case of;

Proprietor Business

  1. CNIC copy 
  2. NTN of Business showing business name and address
  3. Mobile and Email Address of owner

Partnership Firm:

  1. Form C of Partnership
  2. Partnership Deed registered
  3. CNIC of Partners
  4. Authority Letter authorizing any one Partner or official to process application
  5. Mobile and Email address of Partnership Firm
  6. NTN of Partnership Firm and Partners


  1. Certified copy of FORM II, MOA, AOA and Incorporation Certificate (Incase of new Company)
  2. Certified copy of Incorporation Certificate , Form A, Form 28 and Form 29 (where company is registered for more than one year)
  3. Resolution in favor of any director/CE or official of company to proceed application
  4. CNIC of Directors and Chief Executive
  5. NTN of Company and Directors
  6. Mobile and Email of Company

Import Export License Procedure In Pakistan

You only need to send us the required documentation in order for us to process your application because you deserve the best law firm. Owner/individual or authorized person of entity will only be required to visit the closest E-Sahulat Center for biometrics upon processing of the application for registration of Import Export License in Pakistan. You will receive a special login credential from the customs department within a few hours, at which point you can make as many exports and imports as you like.

Best corporate law firm in Pakistan

Sharif law associates is a law firm in Sialkot Pakistan lead by RANA NAVEED SHARIF ADVOCATE and is linked with different cities of Pakistan. Our team of lawyers handle all type of cases but the most focused one is about corporate law.

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Best corporate law firm in Pakistan
best corporate law firm in Pakistan


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